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Status:       0% complete - Waiting for the consortium to be complete. 2 more Choirs.

Text:          Latin Hymn

Genre:      Sacred

Duration:  ca. 5'00

Difficulty:  3 - Medium 

Divisi: Max. of 6

Range: Highest Note (Sop) B5, Lowest (Bass) - F#2


other details

Deadline for signing up: June 2024 (or latest by July 2024), or until all slots are filled. First come-first served basis.

Needs:      Minimum of 6 and maximum of 8 choirs

Delivery: Within one month after the commissioning consortium is complete. All joining choirs will be notified via email once the project starts.


Use the sign up form to know more details.

Ubi Caritas SSAA Version, world premiered last May 2024 at the Trinity Church, Manhattan, New York City. The performance was sung by some of the country’s most sought after professional ensemble singers and conducted by Richard Sparks.


Bianca Lopez (Solo), Chelsea Helm, Savannah Porter, Kathlene Ritch, Elena Williamson, Ana Baida, Helen Karloski, Kate Maroney, Gitanjali Mathur, Heather Petrie, Joy Tamayo, Nick Karageorgiou and Mark Anthony Carpio.


In response to overwhelming demand, I've decided to create an alternate version of this piece tailored for SATB mixed choirs, enabling a broader range of choirs to perform this work. Originally crafted for a wedding ceremony of Enrico Lagasca & Jonathan Stewart, the composition boasts a profoundly melodic theme, complemented by soaring lines and harmonic shifts, interspersed with aleatoric elements. It also features a brief soprano solo, embracing listeners with the timeless affection of enduring love.

"Ubi Caritas" is based on one of the most beloved Latin hymns, which has been interpreted by numerous composers. Its title, translating to "Where Charity Is" or "Where Love Is," derives from the hymn's opening lines. The text resonates deeply within the Christian tradition, underscoring the significance of love and charity.


What will your choir get?

  • 1 New Commissioned Work "UBI CARITAS" for your Choir (PDF File)

  • 1-year *exclusive use for the commissioning consortium. 

  • Perpetual use of the score.

  • Midi Rehearsal Guide per voice  - S, A, T, B

  • Names of the participating choirs will be placed in the frontispiece of the score

  • Discounted and minimal rate should your group decide to record, produce and release the work through monetized physical and digital platforms in the future.

  • After the 1-year exclusive use, the work will be made available to interested groups..

  • Composer shall maintain rights to the music.
  • 1-year exclusive use starts 3 months after delivery of the work.


The full amount must be paid to secure a slot. An invoice will be sent to the email provided.

Feel free to use this form for any questions or concerns regarding the consortium.

Thank you and we will contact you through your email.

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 12.07.45 AM.png

the 23rd Psalm

Status:       100% complete

Text:          from Psalm 23, King James Version

Genre:      Sacred

Duration:  ca. 5'20

Difficulty:  3 - Medium 

Sample Demo

Voicing:     for SATB Divisi, Piano 

                   Max. of 6 divisi up to few bars of 8 divisi


Participating Choirs

🇦🇪Dubai Camerata Singers | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Arne Lubasan, conductor

🇺🇸Cor Cantiamo | Chicago, United States of America

Dr. Eric Johnson, conductor

🇵🇭Adventist University of the Philippines Mu Gamma Chi | Cavite, Philippines

Warlito Yalung, conductor

🇮🇩Archipelago Singers | Jakarta, Indonesia

Ega O. Azarya conductor

🇹🇼Singing Singers | Taichung, Taiwan

Patience Lin, conductor

🇵🇭Kammerchor Manila | Quezon City, Philippines

Anthony Villanueva, conductor

🇵🇱Silesian Chamber Choir Ad Libitum | Wodzislaw Slaski, Poland

Izabella Zliecka-Panek, conductor

🇵🇷Coralia of the Univeristy of Puerto Rico| San Juan, Puerto Rico

Carmen Acevedo-Lucío, conductor

🇮🇩PSM Swara Wadhana Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta | Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Arga Rakasiwi, conductor

🇺🇸Des Moines Choral Society | Des Moines, United States of America

Dr. James Rodde, conductor


Psalm 23 is one of the most quoted exilic Psalms. It talks about many aspects in our lives that we long for. It speaks of protection, satisfaction, peace, nourishment, restoration, and supplication.


We are presented with the thought: as the shepherd makes sure that the sheep are well taken care of so they would not wander astray, how much more will an eternal, all-powerful God do in order to protect you? These words fill one’s heart with comfort and consolation, and manifest the goodness and mercy of our Lord.


In this setting of Psalm 23, the music itself is deemed to be a journey, transporting the listeners from green pastures to still waters and to the deep valleys but, ultimately, bringing us to that light that incessantly shines in the midst of our darkened worlds.


ABOUT the composer

Ily is one of the sought-after composers in the Philippines and in the international choral scene today. His works are being performed in prestigious choral competitions and festivals all over the world and have been recorded by some of the world’s best choirs and Grammy award winning groups like the King’s Singers & the Swingles, to name a few.


RECENT commissions

Recent commissions from the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Philippine Madrigal Singers, The Leonids, Houston Masterworks Chorus, Los Cantantes de Manila, University of Asia & the Pacific Chorale, Mandaluyong Children's Choir,  Manila Chamber Singers...

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