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SONOS, simply put is from the Latin word Sonus, which means “sound.” 
Sonos is a gathering of singers from various countries, with various backgrounds, bound primarily by one unifying gift: music. It becomes a group, therefore, that promotes unity and understanding over and beyond diversities. As the word Sonos is a palindrome that when read backwards will still read the same way, the group posits, no matter where we come from or whatever inclinations we may have, we still produce the same sound: that sound of the very same longings and fears, similar need for belonging, acceptance, love.

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VITA: A Celebration of  Life, Light, Love!

the SONOS 1st Anniversary Special

with Special Guests: Gocce D'Armonia | Italy, Coro Universidad Autonoma de Bucaramanga | Colombia, Manila Chamber Singer | Philippines,  & Kokopelli | Canada.

Special thanks to: Marta Frigo, Rafael Suescun, William Cordero, Scott Leithead | Jonathan Paculan - Voice Over | Lester Tanquilut - Patron 
Production Team: Juan Pablo Suescun - Video Editor for Gocce D'Armonia | Joey Vargas - Script Writer | Ily Matthew Maniano - Artistic Director

2021 Sonos Portrait Small.jpg



Inggrid Patricia | Indonesia

Katrina Saga | Philippines

Giulia Ravagnani | Italy

Mayra Vargas | Colombia

Marie Corsine Uy | Philippines (not in photo)



Nela Šarić | Croatia

Kitbielle Pasagui | Canada

Lamyae Laazizi | Morocco

Phoebe Bitoon | Philippines

Margarita Montes | United Kingdom




Aloysia Bwariat | Indonesia

Aleli Villanueva Salazar | Philippines

Marta Frigo | Italy

Mali Oliveira | Paraguay

Aleksandra Stec | Poland

Sara Björkman Hammander | Sweden

Shelby Stroud | United States



Perlita Reyes | Philippines

Betzabé Juarez | Mexico

Idamys Davila del Valle | Puerto Rico

Dada de Pano Supnet | Philippines

Juliana Cabral | Puerto Rico

Ily Matthew Maniano | Philippines




Thomas le François | France

Tomas Icickzonas | Lithuania

Tomas Umberto Virtucio | Philippines

Leonardo Barquilla | Cuba

Christopher Mortiz | Germany

Lester Tanquilut | Philippines

Lim Zhi Kang | Singapore (not in photo)


Matteo Ferrari | Italy

Jon Smith | United States

Alfonso Giunta | Argentina

Darwin Lomentigar | Philippines

Szabolcs Grünwald | Hungary



Warlito Yalung | Philippines

Rungtum Kiatsrichart | Thailand

Juan Pablo Suescun | Colombia

Aaron Addorisio | Canada

Jojo Caparas | United States



Joey Vargas | Philippines

Nicola Turazza | Italy

Prama Shaumadhana | Indonesia

Sebastian Ibarra | Colombia

Gabirel Reilly | Puerto Rico (not in photo)

Artistic Director

Ily Matthew Maniano


Ily Matthew Maniano, text by Joey Vargas

The word “Padayon”, from the Visayan language that means “to continue”, simply captures the idea behind this work.  A song of encouragement for one to continue or to proceed even – or, especially – when life becomes difficult.

The text -- Lakad. Layág. Lipád. Liyáb.carry an allusion to the ancient elements of earth, water, air, and fire that must be treated collectively as those composing life. Lakad, or walk, is an invitation to take control of the earth; Layág is to sail on waters; Lipád is to fly, to explore the vastness of the air and the horizons; and Liyáb is to blaze, to let the fire of passion in us to be kept ablaze.

Sonos Banner 4.jpg




Marie Corsinne Uy - Philippines

Inggrid Patricia - Indonesia

Katrina Saga - Philippines

Merna Nichols - South Africa

Giulia Ravagnani - Italy

Mabel Cruz - United Arab Emirates

Stefanie Quintin-Avila - Philippines


Loubna Cherradi - Morocco

Nela Šarić - Croatia

Phoebe Bitoon - Philippines 

Adrienne Bingamon- USA

Kitbielle Pasagui - Canada



Marta Frigo - Italy

Aleksandra Stec - Poland

Aleli Villanueva Salazar - Philippines

Mali Oliveira y Silva - Paraguay

Aloysia Wisye Bwariat - Indonesia

Julian Cabral Flores - Puerto Rico


Hana Katsenes - Germany

Perlita Reyes - Philippines

Chua Kai Xuan - Singapore

Dada De Pano Supnet - Philippines

Betzabé Juárez - Mexico

Ily Matthew Maniano - Philippines



Sam Belter - Canada

Tomy Virtucio - Philippines

Lester Tanquilut - Philippines

Lim Zhi Kang - Singapore

Tomas Icikzonas - Lithuania

Marcus Lee - Singapore

Ganda Charisma Kristi - Indonesia

Carlos Cordero - Venezuela

Cleiton Xavier - Brazil

Leonardo Barquilla - Cuba


Mikael Klaening - Sweden

Ivan Yohan - Belgium

Federico Bassetto - Italy

Alfonso Giunta - Argentina

Moran Guennou - France

Joshua Glassman - USA

Szabolcs Grünwald - Hungary



Rungtum Kiatsrichart - Thailand

Schalk Zastron - South Africa

Warlito Yalung - Philippines

Kevin Tison - USA

Xabier Ormazabal - Spain

Jet Tores - Philippines

Juan Pablo Suescún - Colombia



Nicola Turazza - Italy

Žiga Berložnik - Slovenia

Joey Vargas - Philippines

Daniel Schreiner - USA

Gabriel Reilly Andújar - Puerto Rico

Enrico Lagasca - USA

Patrons, sponsors, and donors play an important role in the development of the arts. Celebrate the spirit of giving. Any amount given will help support and develop future projects. Thank you for your patronage.

Patrons, sponsors, and donors play an important role in the development of the arts. Celebrate the spirit of giving. Any amount given will help support and develop future projects. Thank you for your patronage.


from Matthew 11:28

Our very first premiere, June 2020. "Come to Me" is a song of comfort and hope as the world passes through one of its darkest moments… a song written as the human history transits from old ways to new… a song that tells of God inviting humanity to relish and cherish rest, to look to the heavens and find comfort in knowing: He will deliver us. Dedicated to us enduring, the bereaved, and in memory of the departed.


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