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I   N   F   I   N   I   T   A   S


Living through a global pandemic has driven dramatic shifts in our world. It has put every aspect of our world into a halt, leaving some of us afloat. Despite this, music – a source of inspiration, encouragement, and hope – has always been there accompanying us through these dark times.

INFINITAS, (latin word meaning infinite), is a compilation of all the works and collaborations I’ve done at the start of the pandemic year up to the present. It simply goes to show that music transcends all these adversities. It is infinite, boundless, endless.This Album is one-of-a-kind as all tracks have been recorded remotely by artists from around the world, unified in creating songs that would inspire and encourage listeners.

May the music you hear bring infinite blessing and cheer.



1. PSALM 104:33  (05:12)

Manila Chamber Singers | William Cordero, conductor

Soli: Mabel Cruz, Mary Jeane Cowan, Rachel Tumbaga, Adie Espiritu

2. GLORIA (02:25)

SONOS | Voices of Hope

Descant: Inggrid Patricia, Katrina Saga


3. COME TO ME (03:46)

from Matthew 11:28

SONOS | Voices of Hope

Soli: Ma Rhina Palma Cruz, Valeria Mictil




4. CLAIR DE LUNE (04:38)

Claude Debussy
Arranged & performed by Ily Matthew Maniano



William Runyan, Thomas Chrisholm arr. Ily Matthew Maniano

Soli: Ily Mark Maniano, Ily Micah Maniano, Ily Matthew Maniano



from Psalm 63, Tagalog adaptation by Charlie Cenzon, S.J.

Vox Variis

Guest Artist: Jon Philippe Go


Assisting Artists:

 Jesper Mercado, Piano  | Vincze Balázs, Flute

Jesus Rodriguez, Johannes Moritz, Violin I

Andreo Esguerra, Carlo Araneta, Violin II


7. DEEP RIVER (03:34)

African-American Spiritual

Arranged & performed by Ily Matthew Maniano

Guest Artist: Enrico Lagasca



8. BE STILL MY SOUL (03:24)

Katharina von Schlegel, trans. Jane Borthwick

Philippine Madrigal Singers Alumni

Soli: Jacqui Jimenez, Charlene Ramos

9. PADAYON (05:28)

Joey Vargas

SONOS | Voices of Hope

Guest Artist: Jo-Ann Cerdenia, Harp



10. HODIE (03:16)

Male Ensemble Philippines


St. Hilaire de Poitiers

Philippine Madrigal Singers | Mark Anthony Carpio, choirmaster

Guest Artist: Bianca Lopez-Aguila


12. THE 23RD PSALM (05:21)

from Psalm 23

the Psalm Consortium

Adventist University of the Philippines Mu Gamma Chi, The Archipelago Singers, Coralia of the University of Puerto Rico, Des Moines Choral Society,

Dubai Camerata Singers, PSM Swara Wadhana Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Silesian Chamber Choir Ad Libitum, Kammerchor Manila, and the Singing Singers.


Assisting Artist: 

Trisha Kay Piao, Piano

Commissioned and specially written for the 22nd anniversary of the Manila Chamber Singers. Psalm 104:33 has been the 'life verse' of the MCS since they were formed as a choir.  This composition is an intimate prayer, a peaceful reflection and a strong affirmation of group's 𝘳𝘢𝘪𝘴𝘰𝘯 𝘥'𝘦𝘵𝘳𝘦.



An exciting, vibrant, and rhythmic setting of a classic latin text, Gloria. Originally written for the Male Ensemble Philippines (TTBB) in 2019 and transcribed for SATB in 2021. World premiered by SONOS | Voices of Hope.



A song of comfort and hope as the world passes through one of its darkest moments. A song written as the human history transits from old ways to new.  A song that tells of God inviting humanity to relish and cherish rest, to look to the heavens and find comfort in knowing: He will deliver us.

Premiered by SONOS | Voices of Hope, June of 2020 in the middle of the Pandemic.



My take on one of Debussy's famous and well-loved piano pieces.

Arranged and performed during the onset of the Pandemic.


One of the 20th century's most loved hymns  - simple, yet it entails meaningful and beautiful constructed messages. The song points to the amazing faithfulness and compassion of our Heavenly Father.  His presence provides guidance, strength, and hope that he replenishes continuously to get us through each day and brings new mercies, providing everything we need when we need it. Specially arranged and performed by my brothers and I on our mother's 60th birthday celebration.

The song talks about David who once again finds himself on the run for his life and fled to the wilderness. Despite the situation, David doesn't despair but instead, turns his full attention to God. He expresses his longing and his confidence that God is the only source of hope, rescue and satisfaction. As we walk through times of despair, may we all long for the One who fully satisfies. Song taken from “Missa Aguila” - written originally for the wedding of my good friends, Ian and Bianca. Performed by friends all over the world featuring, Jep Go, a good friend and a musical theater artist.





Deep river is a song of hope and longing. Filled with haunting melodies, rich harmonies, emotion, faith, and embodying the soul crying out in the universal longing for freedom, desire for peace, and expression of personal weariness and sorrow, but also, of hope and determination to overcome and live on. Performed by myself and featuring a good friend, Enrico Lagasca, a Filipino-American Bass-Baritone who has appeared in 4 GRAMMY®-nominated albums and acclaimed by the New York Times as having a “beautiful sound”.




A prayer to patiently put our faith in the Lord even in the face of difficulty. It assures us that there is a joyous resolution to every struggle we encounter and a reminder that God is on our side at all times. He always has been and He always will be. Originally a German hymn with text written by Katharina von Schlegel and translated to English by Jane Borthwick. A timely Anthem written upon the start of the Pandemc year. Premiered by the Philippine Madrigal Singers Alumni, April 2020.


Padayon is a song of encouragement for one to continue or to proceed even – or, especially – when life becomes difficult. The text is meant to be a kind of gentle persuasion for one to take control of one’s circumstance. The song contains 4 words that has an allusion to the ancient elements:

  • Lakad - Walk, take control of the earth

  • Layag - Sail on waters

  • Lipad - is to fly, explore the air and the vastness of its horizons

  • Liyab - is to blaze, keep the passion in us ablaze.

The word “Padayon”, from the Visayan language that means “to continue”, or to keep going as planned. The song also evokes a subtle imagery fo the waves, full of rises and falls that move us forward. Written for the Madz Et Al Choral Festival and Esplanade’s Voices, in partnership with Muziksea in 2020. World e-premiere by SONOS | Voices of Hope.

A thrilling and multi-metered setting of this classic latin text that speaks of the birth of our Lord written for CTTBB. Premiered by the Male Ensemble Philippines.




Considered to be the first-ever Christmas carol written sometime in the 4th century by St. Hilary of Poitiers. Jesus Refulsit Omnium translates

“Jesus, Light of all the Nations,” depicts the sudden realization that enlightened the Magi, the Wise Men, when they finally arrived to the stable

where infant Jesus had been born. Remotely recorded by the world-renowned Philippine Madrigal Singers, featuring a good friend and one of the Philippines' leading sopranos, Bianca Lopez-Aguila. Written for my dear friends, Korokoks. Performed and premiered in 2021.

Psalm 23 is one of the most quoted exilic Psalms. It talks about many aspects in our lives that we long for. It speaks of protection, satisfaction, peace, nourishment, restoration, and supplication. We are presented with the thought: as the shepherd makes sure that the sheep are well taken care of so they would not wander astray, how much more will an eternal, all-powerful God do in order to protect you? These words fill one’s heart with comfort and consolation, and manifest the goodness and mercy of our Lord.

In this setting of Psalm 23, the music itself is deemed to be a journey, transporting the listeners from green pastures to still waters and to the deep valleys but, ultimately, bringing us to that light that incessantly shines in the midst of our darkened worlds.

Written in 2021 for the very first consortium project: Premieres with Ily with choirs coming from Indonesia, Poland, Philippines, Puerto Rico,Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

All track editing, mixing, and mastering by Ily Matthew Maniano except: Track 5 - mixing and mastering by Ily Mark Maniano. Track 8 - mixing and mastering by JC Jose. 

Track 4 & 7 - additional editing by Aji Manalo of Acoustic Underground.


All tracks were remotely recorded by the artists around the world in their homes. The whole album totaled up to  378 singers coming from 5 continents and 35 countries - Argentina, 

Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Estonia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Paraguay, Poland,Puerto Rico, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, & Venezuela.


Addie Espiritu

Adriana Núñez Morales

Adrianna Gierula

Adrienne Bingamon

Alexa D. Cruz Mena

Alexandra A. Gonzalez Oquendo

Alicja Jankowska

Andrelita Casol

Anna Piquero

Annie Nepomuceno

April de Guzman

Astried Hanggana Putri

Barbara Fijak

Beatriz del Pino Herranz

Bernadette Mamauag

Bianca Lopez-Aguila

Brigitta Agustivina

Charlene Ramos

Chimmie Tapia

Christine Anne Demillo

Christine Joy Chua

Claudette Elline Cruz

Dana Loise Estrella

Dana Loise Estrella

Danielle Fanlo

Dayna Valdés Cruz

Deanna Tausch

Dianara Agdios

Diesta Yael Kristoval Wahono

Elaine Escandor

Em Alcantara

Emily Chlapik

Emily Meier

Ena Maria Aldecoa

Erica Patawaran

Giulia Ravagnani

Grace Angeles

Hana Valentine Sihite

Hannah Frances Grünwald

Inggrid Patricia

Jane Diaz Reyes

Jen Cruz

Jen Mauricio

Jennifer Villanueva

Jessica Falculan-Bennett

Jessica Tjeng

Joanne Gading Devisfruto

Joy Moritz

Kamila Strońska 

Kaori Tsushima

Katherina Mayuga-Perez

Katherina Oliver

Katherine Hung

Katrina Saga

Kaye Dumaguit

Keiko Cayanga

Kitbielle Pasagui

Kitchie Sian-Vasquez

Knicky Ongsiako

Krystl Buesa

Kymari L. Fernandez Gotay

Lakasdiwa Lamyae Laazizi

Leigh Valerie G. de Luna

Leslie Anne Abordo

Leslie Supeto Albeto

Lilian Lasquite Mañalac

Loubna Cherradi

Luningning San Jose

Mabel Cruz

Magdalena Kalymon

Maria Dea Zuniga

Maria Merita Tan Albarece

Marie Corsine Uy

Mary Jeane Egloso

Mavic Llamas

Maybelle Baldorado

Mayra Vargas

Meg Montes

Melanie López Delgado

Merna Nicholls

Michaella Mari Sanares

Mirielle Anne B. Enriquez

Mónica Ortiz Vallellanes

Naryle Enerio

Natassja Mariano

Nela Šarić

Patricia Stevens Lahtinen

Phoebe Bitoon

Queenie Adon

Rachell Tumbaga

Raquel del Pino Herranz

Renee Rose Maglente

Rhina Palma Cruz

Rhovi Kaye Allado Nasis

Ria de Leon-Gamboa

Romina Jose

Sabine Mae G. Mirandilla

Sarah Jane Amada

Shandelle Grin M. Llagas

Sherly Tania Natalie Silaen

Sheryl Lagundino

Sir Ming Tee

Sonia Sahra Safira

Sonja Simanjuntak

Steffi Marie Maravillas

Stephanie Quintin-Avila

Su Anni

Su Yuhe

Ting Ya Yu

Utari Diah Iracesa

Valeria N. Mictil

Xyla Kryzlei C. Guelos

Yu Hsuan Sun

Ženja Bruun

Zhu Yijing


Alejandra M. Cardona Garcia 

Aleksandra Stec

Aleli Villanueva Salazar

Aloysia Wisye Bwariat

Alrose Jane Salva

Analys Torres Vázquez

Anatalia Lugue

Ann Janine Lomentigar

Annisa Meiliasari 

Aurelia Malvar Sailer

Basak Dogan

Bechie Valeña

Bernadeta Meidy Setya Putri

Bethel Angelic A. Abellanosa

Betzabé Juárez

Bu Villanueva

Carmela Scholastica Morente

Cel Franco

Charlotte Tomada dela Tonga

Chen Ni Tsai

Christopher Borela

Chua Kai Xuan

Cicilia Vania Prima Murti

Connie Chanrasmi

Cyro Bon Cloui Moral

Dada Depano Supnet

Dagmara Wieczorek – Żogała 

Danielle Sophia Antonja Reforsado

Deanna Kathrina Maranion

Dorotea Mercylyn Salibio

Duchess Shailah C. Sucuaje

Fitri Intendia

Gladys Valenzuela

Gracie Cababa

Gracy de Silva

Hana Katsenes

Helene Yancha

Hidena Adela Putri

Idamys Davila Del Valle

Isabel Llompart Zenó

Jackielyn Sentinerial

Jacqui Jimenez

Jael Garcia

Jane Rider

Janine Agbon

Jann Datoc Godito

Jasna Žitnik

Jen Tolentino

Juliana Cabral

Juliette Wagner

June Gonzaga

Gladys Valenzuela

Gracie Cababa

Gracy de Silva

Hana Katsenes

Helene Yancha

Hidena Adela Putri

Idamys Davila Del Valle

Isabel Llompart Zenó

Jackielyn Sentinerial

Jacqui Jimenez

Jael Garcia

Jane Rider

Janine Agbon

Jann Datoc Godito

Jasna Žitnik

Jen Tolentino

Juliana Cabral

Juliette Wagner

June Gonzaga

Kang An Na

Katarzyna Dziech

Kim Galano

Leira Y. Figueroa Medina

Lena Burke

Lisette Estandarte

Liza Alcances

Lory Esperancilla

Lou Emperador

Ma. Eloisa Contreras

Mali Oliveira y Silva

Mari Esabel Valverde

Mariella Beverly Bugtai

Mark Anthony Carpio

Marta Frigo

Martyna Prochowska

Mildred I. Fuentes Viera

Millete Silverio

Neja Žitnik

Nicole Marie Adri

Nicole Nixie Cakra Dewa

Nikki Tolentino

Nina Polczyk 

Nydia M. Resto Arroyo

Odette Galura

Pasca Violita Langit

Pearl Reyes

Rascyn Amor Mangaring

Riva Ferrer-Jose

Riza Claire C. Maquilava

Roxanne San Jose

Rufa Mae Robles

Sara Björkman Hemmender

Shaelyn L. Román Martinez

Shelby Stroud

Sunddie Manalo

Susan Breen-Held

Teele Utt

Trisha Kay Piao

Ying Chun Lin

Yu Hsin Yang

Yumi Endriga


Adriane Roy Calangian

Alfonso Giunta

Aldrich Batalla

Angel G. Robles Cartagena

Arief Pandu Prakoso Utomo

Arthur Bautista

Arvin John Garcia

Bellarminus Nicholas

Benjamin Saunders

Berthold Schindler

Bhim Bacud

Carlos Cordero

Christopher Moritz

Cleiton Xavier

Dariusz Panek

Darwin Lomentigar

David Llandino

Dennis Dizon

Dijai Sucayan

Donwayne Cogay

Ed Nepomuceno

Emmanuel Ong Jr.

Ernest Rene Hartanto

Ervin Lumauag

Esteban Salazar Duque

Fauzan Akbar

Feb Justine Elvira

Federico Bassetto

Fermel Baguyo Fuentes

Ganda Charisma Kristi

Gilberto Robles Álvarez

Giovaldy Alvarado Espinosa

Glenn Deihl De Leon

Hannes Heinemann

Ily Micah Maniano

Ivan Yohan

Jacob Barbosa

Jc Jose

Jeffrey Bendaña

John Adam Oribiana

John Angelo Diamos

John Paul Guanzon

John Philip Bautista

John Ryan Aguila

Jon Philippe Go

Jon Smith

Jong Piquero

Jose J. Nigaglioni Torres

Joshua Glassman

Julián E. Vives Vallejo

Keat Lagdameo

Kevin Anthony Yu

Leo Paolo Leal

Leonardo Barquilla

Lester Tanquilut

Lim Zhi Kang

Lyndon Palafox

Marcus Lee

Mark Angelo Alarcio

Mark Jerome Silvestre

Marlo Del Rosario

Mateusz Hrynkiewicz

Matteo Ferrari

Mikael Klaening

Moran Guennou

Nikko Oliver Villanueva

Philip Salvador

Piotr Garczyk

Po Kuan Wu

Ramer Bustamante

Raphael Ardhana Krismahera

Raymond Yu

Reginald Nicolas

Rem Valenzuela

Renz Marc Marcial

Rev Bantolo

Rhodel Lim Toledo

Ronel Sario

Ronnie Jose

Ronnielle Vhictor Nieto

Sam Belter

Sifa Ngalo

Szabolcs Grünwald

Thomas Lefrançois

Tim Vallega

Tomas Icikzonas

Tomy Virtucio

Tyrod Douglas Sabando

William Lloyd Cordero

Yi Chiao Lu

Ying Shiuan Lin


Aaron Addorisio

Ace Daniel

Adam Sojka

Aleksandr Švarc

Alfred Joh De Veyra


Almar Jude Baleros

Andri Kurniawan

Anthony Villanueva

Armando Robles

Carlo Zenarosa

Carlos Garces

Christian Acevedo Cueto

Christian Yobhel Aquino

Chung Chi Wei

Daniel Schreiner

Danilo Yarte

Dann Gabriel Ngking 

Dawid Juraszek

Earl Nathaniel Mangune

Eman de Leon

Enrico Lagasca

Erwin Vargas

Gabriel Reilly Andújar

Gary Fabricante

Gineses Bayato Catay

Gregorius Seto Ariwibowo

Ily Mark Maniano

Jan Rozwelle Atienza

Jasper Marquez

Jet Torres

Joey Vargas

John Roger Obja-an

Jojo Caparas

Jonathan Zaens

Jordan Pedigo

Juan Pablo Suescun

Jules Noveras

Junu Yang

Kevin Tison

Krzysztof Puda

Luis Fabián González

Luis Paulino López

Manet Martinez

Marcus San Pedro

Mark Allen Estrera

Mark Renn Caluag

Marlon Balauag

Michael Ring

Morritz Jobcresvir Abella

Nicola Turazza

Nil's Flores

Omar Collado Rivera

Po Chen Lai

Paolo Panagsagan

Prama Shaumadhana

Reuel Tica

Rommel Taniegra

Rungtum Kiatsrichart

Ryan Aimel Estandarte 

Schalk Zastron

Sebastian Gros

Sebastian Ibarra

Sherwin Su

Stephen Egan

Tim Chen

Vell Litan

Warlito Yalung

Xabier Ormazabal

Zadkiel John Yarcia

Žiga Berložnik


Andreo Esguerra

Carlo Araneta

Jesper Mercado

Jesus Rodriguez

Johaness Moritz

Jo-Anna Cerdenia

Vincze Balázs

Abstract Paint



Enrico Lagasca 

Acclaimed by the New York Times as having a “beautiful sound”, Filipino-American bass-baritone Enrico Lagasca performs oratorio, opera, chamber music, and recitals with repertoire from early to contemporary music both as soloist and chorister across the United States and internationally. Mr. Lagasca is a seasoned performer of chamber music and performs as soloist and chorister with some of the country’s most reputable and distinguished groups such as the Choir of Trinity Wall Street, St. Thomas Choir of Men and Boys, Musica Sacra, New York Choral Artists, TENET Vocal Artists, Clarion Music Society, The Metropolitan Opera Chorus, Washington Bach Consort, Santa Fe Desert Chorale, Conspirare, Skylark Vocal Ensemble, Bach Collegium San Diego, Seraphic Fire, among many others. Mr. Lagasca has performed with several orchestras and in Music Festivals around the world. Mr. Lagasca has appeared in 4 GRAMMY®-nominated albums. Proud to be an alumnus fo the Philippine Madrigal Singers.  Represented by Schwalbe & Partners in New York City. Contact management for all inquiries.


for full bio, visit

Bianca Lopez-Aguila 

Bianca was a member of the Philippine Madrigal Singers for 9 years having won the European Grand Prix in Arrezzo, Italy in 2007 and the UNESCO Artist for Peace in Paris, France in 2009. After leaving the Madz, she has done numerous operas here in the Cultural Center of the Philippines and in Manhattan, New York. One of them was the recently concluded Noli Me Tangere The Opera where she played Maria Clara for three seasons. Now, she is currently singing with the Nightingales, a classical-pop crossover duo who have done concerts in Europe, the US, Ethiopia, Taiwan and here in the Philippines. She just performed with the Nightingales in Carnegie Hall in New York, San Francisco and Mexico and have done numerous concerts with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra around the Philippines. She performed as Jenny in Stephen Sondheim's musical entitled Company at the Maybank Performing Arts Center and last 2020, she established the Bianca Lopez Vocal Coaching where she shares her knowledge in singing and help aspiring singers all around the world to find their voices.

for more details visit Bianca Lopez Vocal Coaching


JoAnn Cerdenia

belongs to a very rare and small group of harp players in the Philippines. Even rarer, she is one of less-than-a-handful professionally-trained harp teachers in the country. She finished her studies in music composition at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City, and subsequently completed her harp studies at Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf, Germany. With teaching being her ultimate mission in life, she majored in harp pedagogy and was mentored by pedagogue Prof. Wolfgang Rüdiger. She also attended master classes with world-renowned harpists Alice Giles, Irina Zing, and Olga Shevelevich. Furthering her studies, she also received harp methodology instruction from harpists Hye-Young Kim and Susana Feige.

for full bio, visit

Jep Go

 is a singer, voice artist, and musical theater actor best known as “The Singing Chemist” after being chosen by Lea Salonga to be part of her team in The Voice of the Philippines Season 2. He has toured and competed globally as a chorister of the Philippine Vocal Ensemble and the all-male a cappella group, Ten Thousand. His most recent theater credits include:

Mula Sa Buwan (Barefoot Theatre Collaborative, 2022); The Great Christmas Cookie Bake-Off (Repertory Philippines, 2021); Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Beautiful: The Carole King Musical (both under Atlantis Theatrical Entertainment Group, 2019).



Lord God, for the wisdom, guidance, and for everything. Maniano Family for the unwavering support. To friends from all over the world who said yes and gave life to my music.

To all named and anonymous patrons for your perpetual love to the arts and unceasing support to my music. SONOS | Voices of Hope, Manila Chamber Singers, Philippine Madrigal Singers, Philippine Madrigal Singers Alumni, Male Ensemble Philippines, Vox Variis, Psalm Consortium, Mark Anthony Carpio, Jules Noveras, Jojo Caparas, William Cordero Warlito Yalung, Arga Rakasiwi, Anthony Villanueva, Izabella Zielecka-Panek, Dr. Eric Johnson, Arne Lubasan, Carmen Acevedo Lucio, Dr. James Rodde, Patience Lin, Aji Manalo.

Assisting Artists - Jesper Mercado, Vincze Balazs, Andreo Esguerra, Johannes Moritz, Carlo Araneta, Jesus Rodriguez, Jo-Ann Cerdenia, Jon Philippe Go, Enrico Lagasca,

Bianca Lopez-Aguila, Trisha Piao, Joey Vargas. My infinte gratitude to everyone who made this album possible! To God be the Glory!



Arles & Paz Maglaque | Delton Sy | Dr. Joel Abanilla


Erwin & Tetchie Pagcaliwangan | Charmaine May Baylon | Glenn & Nonette Gimotea | Rey & Carol Robles | Rommel & Dahna Empedrad

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