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I   N   F   I   N   I   T   A   S


Living through a global pandemic has driven dramatic shifts in our world. It has put every aspect of our world into a halt, leaving some of us afloat. Despite its effects, music – a source of inspiration, encouragement, and hope – has always been there accompanying us through these dark times.

INFINITAS, (latin word meaning infinite), is a compilation of all the works and collaborations I’ve done at the start of the pandemic year up to the present. It simply goes to show that music transcends all these adversities. It is infinite, boundless, endless.This Album is one-of-a-kind as the music has been recorded remotely by artists from around the world, unified in creating songs that would bless, inspire, and encourage listeners.

I see you as someone who shares my desire of giving hope and consolation to all; thus, I am writing this to invite you to be one of the PATRONS of INFINITAS. As you know, patrons, sponsors, and donors play a vital role in the development of the music and the arts. With your generous donation and funding, it will help cover production costs and ensure the success of the project. INFINITAS is set to be released by February 2022. This new album will consist of 9-12 tracks, some of which are on-going works.  I would be willing to discuss this further with you in case you have more concerns or inquiries.


You may donate any amount you wish to give. We also have listed below the various gift options for supporting this fundraising effort. On behalf of the team and all the artists included in this special album, allow me to extend my deepest gratitude to you, in advance. We are, and forever will be grateful.

Image by Melissa Guzzetta

Gold Patron

USD 200 -  EUR 200 - PHP 10,000.00

Inclusion in the Gold Patron List

Digital Copy

1 Commemorative Limited Edition CD

* please leave your address on the note below. Due to pandemic, delivery might take a while from the date of release.


Silver Patron

USD 100 -  EUR 100 - PHP 5,000.00

Inclusion in the Silver Patron List

Digital Copy


Blue Patron


Inclusion in the Blue Patron List

For Patrons who wish to donate anonymously, kindly indicate it in the note.

Please fill in the necessary information so we can acknowledge you properly. Thank you very much!
Please fill in the necessary information so we can acknowledge you properly. Thank you very much!
by clicking this button, you will be directed to the donation page
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